DION II: The Wanderer

Dion Ambrogio aka DION II:The Wanderer

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Artist Description
Remember all those classic rock and roll songs made popular by the 60's teenage idol, Dion of "Dion and the Belmonts"?  Sure you do!  What goes around, comes around and "The Wanderer" has returned.  Only this time it's his son, DION II, wandering through a new batch of classic rock and roll tunes...with a modern twist!

Music Style
Alternative Country, Rockabily, and R&B

Artist History
His first recording project in 1992 was a sampler CD featuring several other artists.  The album was distributed at radio stations and music stores.  DION II soon gained a large following of enthusiastic fans from around the Southern Florida region and Europe

Group Members
Dion II with Buddy Emmons on Steel Guitar
(Country Music Hall of Famer)

Location: West Palm Beach, FL -- USA

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